What Is ABA Therapy?

Wondering if ABA therapy is right for your child and family? Learn more about ABA, our approach, the services we provide, and to see if ABIT Consulting Group can provide the treatment plans that work for you and your child.

What Is ABA Therapy?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a type of therapy that applies a scientific approach to changing behaviors, focuses on driving positive outcomes for children and families. At ABIT Consulting Group, we apply the science of how behavior and learning work in real situations. Specifically, ABA focuses on socially significant behaviors, which are meaningful to a child’s environments, such as functional communication skills, social skills, and adaptive living skills.

Why Choose ABIT Consulting Group for ABA Therapy?

ABIT Consulting Group provides direct care and one-to-one therapy to help achieve independence, learning, and everyday life skills. Alongside our direct care we offer family training, which includes support, education, and advocacy for the entire family.

We know everyone’s situation is different, which is why we offer in person and telehealth services based on family preferences. No matter your choice, our method is to identify and analyze the problem, develop effective strategies based on data, and provide follow up consults as needed to ensure goals are met. 

We Make ABA Easy and Convenient for the Families We Serve

  • Expedited enrollment process
  • Convenient online consultations
  • Owned and operated by a BCBA
  • Individual attention for each client
  • Online parent support groups
  • Weekend hours available
  • Direct care

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