About ABIT Consulting Group

At ABIT Consulting Group, we strive to offer children, youth, and young adults with a diverse behavioral health diagnosis through comprehensive ABA Therapy services and treatment plans.

Helping Children Reach Their Full Potential

At ABIT Consulting Group, we adhere to the belief that individuals should be provided the opportunity to reach their full potential by developing evidence-based therapeutic interventions to promote positive behavior change with individualized supports and treatment. We use a Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) model to provide support to individuals with skill deficits in areas of communication skills, functional living skills, and social skills. As clinicians, we bring our dedication to this field, our hearts, and our empathy. The greatest gift we can give to the child is their understanding that we care, and that we are there to help.

ABIT Consulting Group is here to make a difference and give every child a chance. By utilizing the principles of ABA, ABIT Consulting Group unlocks children’s potential. With individualized teaching procedures in place, clinicians make lasting progress in each child’s and family’s life. Our treatment experts will tailor your child’s treatment to the areas they need to work on to help your child be successful. 

Mission Statement:

ABIT Consulting Group is committed to providing quality, person-centered, evidence-based practices to enhance the lives of families and individuals we serve.

Vision Statement:

To create a home for the delivery of services, professional development, and promote a positive change through Applied Behavior Analysis giving children a chance to lead their best quality of life.

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